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What can Miss Anthro do for You?

Video Content | Workshops | Lectures


 Video and Docu Series

Miss Anthro offers well-researched short-form videos that deliver a concise and impactful message. Content can be: 

Multiple-part Docu Series

  • tell a fully developed story

  • promote your current work and future ambitions in a detailed, meaningful way with a focus on you and your team

One-Part Introductory Video

  • provide an overview of your work and ambitions

  • budget-friendly purpose-driven, 'deep' marketing option that sets itself apart from sales-oriented campaigns. 

Workshops & Training

Miss Anthro offers one-on-one as well as group social media training.

Social Media platforms have transformed in recent months. While a following is still important, audiences crave authenticity and connection.


As more and more socio-economic activity moves online, make sure you know how to connect to your network via socials! Miss Anthro is particularly well equipped to support sustainability, energy and cultural institutions


Anthropology & Sustainability Lectures

Dr. Anna Seeger aka 'Miss Anthro' is an Anthropologist with a PhD on energy transitions and sustainability. Her topics of expertise include: 

  • the effects of leadership and elite networks on energy transitions.

  • social media and sustainability 

  • The socio-cultural impact of the petroleum and renewables industry on climate mitigation


Anna offers lectures for academic, business and cultural institutions. She is also well equipped to speak about a broad range of sociocultural topics. Please contact for further information


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