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Who is Miss Anthro?

Get a look behind the scenes, and find out how a PhD on the Norwegian energy transitions turned into a 45k social media Network...



You still associate Anthropology with digging up fossils? Time to learn how a deep understanding of our human cultures can help your business!

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Zebra Crossing

Miss Anthro:
Behind the Scenes



Anna has work experience in diplomacy and a background in economics and international relations. In 2023 she was awarded a PhD for her work on Norwegian energy transitions. Her fields of expertise are matters of energy, sustainability, and climate change.



Miss Anthro is run by the anthropologist Dr. Anna Seeger. Anna is passionate about people with future vision. She built her social media presence during her doctoral studies, and formally initiated 'Miss Anthro' in 2023.  



Her work as an anthropologist spans from Norway to Mongolia where she has continuously met ambitious humans whose work, businesses, and institutions push forth human creativity, ingenuity and sustainability. Anna aims to share people's incredible achievements with the rest of the world.

What is Anthropology?

Now that all sounds intriguing... but how can anthropologists actually make contributions to society

Anthropologists can be thought of like a knowledge bridge; We make sense of complex problems and events in our societies where quantitative science fails to see connections. In my own research, I have for instance explored the following questions:

  • How do the actions of energy industry leaders of influence climate mitigation efforts? 

  • Can elite business networks accelerate energy transitions

Understanding these topics is crucial in our pursuit of carbon neutral energy futures. 

Curious to find out more about anthropology? 

You may ask 100 different anthropologists, and they will provide you with 100 alternative definitions of anthropology. ​Here is how I explain our discipline:

Anthropologists provide nuanced and reflective understandings of complex social phenomena. In simpler terms: We try to make sense of the world by better understanding the humans that have created it. 

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