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Elegant silk-cotton shawl, on special offer and only one available! Discounted price due to minimal discoloration that happened during the weaving of the fabric. 

Alpine Horizon Shawl

  • Size: ~ 39cm x 180cm


    Material: Silk-cotton blend (~ 60% silk, 40% cotton)


    Cleaning: Dry cly only to avoid colours fading.


    Each shawl is unique and handcrafted. The seams on each end are are handrolled and handstiched which makes the seam elegant and luxurious. The side seams are machine-sewn.


    The fabric comes form Uzbekistan, where it is woven based on traditional patterns that date back generations. The handsewing has been done in Liechtenstein


    Styling recommendation: This piece can be worn to any occasion: an elegant evening dress, as well as with blue jeans and a white T-shirt.


    Miss Antho modelling the shawl is 1.70m tall 

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